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Our Services

Traditional real estate agency
We offer the following services for building plots and agricultural land, family houses, flats, new flats, cottages, business and storage premises, and administrative premises:
- Mediation of the purchase, sale and lease of property
- Valuation of property by our company or the Appraisal Institute
- Mediation of mortgage loans through a certified company
- Mediation of the insurance of property by an insurance company
- Mediation of legal advisory services

The services above include:
- Entry of the property into our database for free
- Free advertisement
- Active search for prospective buyers of the property
- Marketing
- Advisory
- Personal on-site inspection
- Preparation of contract documentation – purchase or lease agreement and proposal for entry in the real estate register
- Submission of deeds required for entry in the real estate register
- Handover protocol

Property development projects
What are the benefits for clients if they sign a letter of intent to purchase a new property under construction as part of a property development project?
In that case the services of AGROP PLUS, s. r. o. are provided to clients for free. The real estate agency’s services are covered in full by the investor, i. e. the property development company!
We offer the following services when representing a property development company as part of projects related to new flats, new houses, new business premises, and new administrative premises whether sold or leased:
- Preparation of the project for sale on behalf of the property development company (property shares, contracts, etc.)
- Marketing campaign
- Mediation of the sale and lease of property for a development company
- Mediation of a letter of intent between the client, i.e. the future owner, and the development company
- During the whole period of construction, each client is taken care of and dealt with individually, and we forward our clients’ requests to the development company
- Prior to the completion of construction we mediate the conclusion of a purchase contract and the proposal for entry in the real estate register
- After the completion of construction, we ensure that the property is handed over to the new owner, prepare a handover protocol, and have the new owner sign the protocol
These services apply to clients who have ordered a property as per the project and free of any modifications – i.e. standard construction based on project documentation.

What other benefits can clients expect?
Our clients may choose a property they have always envisaged and dreamed of. If clients choose to make modifications to the original project or wish to adjust the project to their own concept, we will be happy to offer them the following additional services to meet their expectations:
- Arrange a meeting with our architecture agencies, which can make modifications to the floor layout of the real estate
- Arrange a meeting with all material suppliers of internal fittings of each property
- After the individual materials have been selected and the floor layout modifications approved, we prepare the client’s passport based on which the supplier of the construction effects the modifications

The above services provided to clients by AGROP PLUS, s. r. o. are also free of charge. However, the services are subject to a fee charged by suppliers. All the related arrangements are specified in the letter of intent and annexes thereto.