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AGROP PLUS, s. r. o. provides for the elaboration of expert opinions by specialised appraisers.
The valuation of agricultural land is performed directly by our company. Expert opinions for AGROP Plus, s. r. o. are elaborated by Ing. Dušan Vanek, an appraiser registered in the list of appraisers, interpreters, and translators maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, under No. 913696 dated 14 December 1994
for the field of: Agriculture
branch: Estimate of the value of agricultural land
Crop production (both general and special)

Appraiser’s Registration Number: 913696

1. Elaborate expert opinions:
- Determine a general value of agricultural land
- Determine a general value of the lease of plots
- Determine a general value of encumbrance
- Determine a general value of damage to agricultural assets
- Prepare a topsoil stripping management plan for a building permit

Determine the value of plots:
- Arable land
- Perennial grass crops
- Gardens
- Vineyards
- Hop-fields

Contact address:

Ing. Dušan Vanek
Vrakunská cesta 4
821 02 Bratislava
Phone (private, evenings): 02/43427464
Mobile: 0903445716
E-mail: vanek.d@gmail.com

For larger projects, AGROP PLUS, s. r. o. teams up with the Appraisal Institute in Bratislava. For further information please visit www.ocenovanie.sk